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What is Alchemist Europe?

Alchemist Europe is an initiative of the Alchemist Accelerator, the equity startup accelerator founded in Silicon Valley in 2012. Alchemist’s US backers include prominent venture capital funds -- Khosla Ventures, DFJ, USVP, Mayfield, Foundation -- and prominent enterprise leaders including BASF, Cisco, GE, Juniper, Salesforce, and Siemens. Alchemist’s European initiative is anchored by Next47, the global venture capital firm powered by Siemens AG.

Announced in late 2019, Alchemist Europe invests from a distinct Europe-based fund, still focused on great enterprise founders with global aspirations. Alchemist Europe extends Alchemist’s existing network of customers, partners, mentors, and investors to an even larger international footprint.

What dates will Alchemist Europe run?

We expect our first class of founders to begin in April 2nd, 2020. Our next application deadline is March, 7th, 2020.

How much does Alchemist Europe invest?

Alchemist Europe customizes its investment amount to the needs and stage of each startup. Traditionally,Alchemist Acceleratorhas invested an amount of US$36.000 in their startups.

What types of startups is Alchemist Europe best for?

We look for the best technical enterprise founders with global aspirations regardless of industry, location, product or stage. Historically, Alchemist Accelerator has worked best with seed and early-stage founders.

What qualifies as an “Enterprise Startup”

The definition of an "enterprise startup" is based on where the revenue comes from. It's not based on the offering. "B2B" (e.g. Salesforce) and "B2B2C" (e.g. Square) both qualify. All business models (license, SaaS, Freemium) are welcome. If the major revenue source for the business is from enterprises or organizations -- be them large or SMBs - you qualify. You can sell direct or online (or a combination). Infrastructure, application, services, non-category-fitters
- all are welcome.

What if I have more questions about Alchemist Accelerator and Alchemist Europe?

Please get in touch with us at europe@alchemistaccelerator.com