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The people are our primary focus when evaluating an application. Our mandate is to select the highest caliber individuals who show the most promise for building change-the-world ventures. We focus especially closely on the technical founders, followed by those on the business side.

For each co-founder, please list: name; age; LinkedIn profile URL; GitHub URL (if available), school, degree and major, year of graduation (indicate unfinished degrees in parentheses); email address; any other personal URLs including Twitter handles.

Please brag concisely about each co-founder (list top 3 achievements / accomplishments / distinctions).

Please link to a video < 3 minutes long in which you present your team and pitch your product/idea. Production quality is not important. Please do not password-protect the URL.

Alchemist companies may operate from wherever they like during the program. Please note that time zones for Alchemist activities and events generally correspond to Alchemist’s hubs in San Francisco (Pacific Time) and Munich (Central European Time). Any answer is fine and will not affect your candidacy. This question is just for planning purposes.


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Please provide the official legal name of the incorporated entity. If there are multiple entities, please put an * next to the parent company, if one exists.

· Your shareholders with percentage ownership.
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The offering is secondary to the team. We're looking for big markets, and unfair advantages or novel approaches to winning those markets.

Provide details of product maturity, revenue, and other traction.

Describe how you are making or will make money.


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For example: news article, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google search, personal research.

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